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Colored Pencils – The Best 48 Color Pencil Set – Coloring & Drawing Art Pens for Adults and Kids – Today Get 100% Money Back Guarantee – Draw & Sketch Like a Professional – Free Ebook Included

Your search for the best COLORED PENCILS is OVER

When you purchase coloring pens from us today, here’s what you’ll get…

* Premium design – highest quality pigments * Suitable for a wide range of drawing styles and techniques * Pencils suitable for kids and adults – easiest colored pencils to use on the market * Strong leads resist breakage * Free ebook * Highest quality materials – premium wood * Smooth and creamy texture * ideal coloring pencils for adults & kids for sketching, drawing, blending & shading * pencils produced with carefully selected, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials for artists all ages

Beware of cheap, low quality coloring pens here on Amazon!

WHY choose Imaginesty® Colored Pencils 48 Set?

* This is The New Generation of colored pencils * Richly pigmented, they can be mixed and blended to create an impressive spectrum of colors * Designed to handle detailed work for advanced students and artists * Long-lasting – won’t snap under pressure * Vivid 48 colors, ‘natural’ feel, pre-sharpened leads * Excellent color vibrancy – ideal for sketching, drawing, blending & shading * Soft and velvety dry * Colored pens designed by professionals – UNLEASH your creativity


All we ask is that you give us a shot and if for any reason at all it’s not right for you, you have a full 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked!

So BUY your new colored pencils NOW. When you do – consider purchasing two sets for uninterrupted use!

List Price:$34.99


You save:$0.30

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BMC Hair Dye Coloring DIY Beauty Salon Tool Kit- Highlighting Cap, Hook, Long Brush, Bowl, Clip, Cape

All you DIY Divas out there, this kit is for you! This b.m.c Hair Dye Tool Kit has everything you need to help you color your hair! This kit includes: (2) stackable mixing bowls, (1) Dye Brush, (1) Twin Headed Brush, (4) Plastic Duckbill Hair Clips, (2) Silicone Ear Cover Protectors, (1) pair of Latex Gloves, (1) Shoulder Cape, (1) Silicone Highlighting Cap with Hook. With this kit, dyeing your hair has never been so easy. Each item helps ensure you are equipped to properly dye your hair with as little hassle as possible. Mix your hair dye in the mixing bowls and apply with the long dye brush. These brushes make it easier to apply hair dye to the whole circumference of your head, even the back! The Duckbill clips help separate your hair into sections. Use the silicone ear caps to protect your ears from being tarnished by the hair dye. Don??t forget about highlighting your hair or frosting the tips! With the one size fits most Silicone Highlighting Cap, you can apply even highlights without compromising the rest of your hair color. Ultimately, this is most cost conscious option for a little to no mess/hassle hair dye job! NOTE: Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly fro

List Price:$26.50


You save:$10.51

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