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Colored Pencils – The Best 48 Color Pencil Set – Coloring & Drawing Art Pens for Adults and Kids – Today Get 100% Money Back Guarantee – Draw & Sketch Like a Professional – Free Ebook Included

Your search for the best COLORED PENCILS is OVER

When you purchase coloring pens from us today, here’s what you’ll get…

* Premium design – highest quality pigments * Suitable for a wide range of drawing styles and techniques * Pencils suitable for kids and adults – easiest colored pencils to use on the market * Strong leads resist breakage * Free ebook * Highest quality materials – premium wood * Smooth and creamy texture * ideal coloring pencils for adults & kids for sketching, drawing, blending & shading * pencils produced with carefully selected, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials for artists all ages

Beware of cheap, low quality coloring pens here on Amazon!

WHY choose Imaginesty® Colored Pencils 48 Set?

* This is The New Generation of colored pencils * Richly pigmented, they can be mixed and blended to create an impressive spectrum of colors * Designed to handle detailed work for advanced students and artists * Long-lasting – won’t snap under pressure * Vivid 48 colors, ‘natural’ feel, pre-sharpened leads * Excellent color vibrancy – ideal for sketching, drawing, blending & shading * Soft and velvety dry * Colored pens designed by professionals – UNLEASH your creativity


All we ask is that you give us a shot and if for any reason at all it’s not right for you, you have a full 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked!

So BUY your new colored pencils NOW. When you do – consider purchasing two sets for uninterrupted use!

List Price:$34.99


You save:$0.30

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